Angela Celentano


Saturday August 10, 1996 Monte Faito (Vico Equense), a 3 year old baby, Angela Celentano, disappeared on a trip with his parents and a group of acquaintances and was never found.

It was a beautiful day of August, a group of families of Castellammare di Stabia who attended the same evangelical community, made a picnic on Monte Faito, near Castellammare di Stabia, the family formed by father Catello Celentano , by mother Mary and their three daughters Rossana 6 years, Angela 3 years and Naomi 1 year were among them.

That trip soon turned into a nightmare. Around 1 pm o’clock, during lunch, a picnic in a clearing in front of the equestrian center of Monte Faito (disused for many years), father Catello, than a minute before he had seen the little Angela sitting behind him while she ate, turned again where the baby would have to find, but she could not find more in its place.

After a few moments the whole group began looking for Angela, but there was no sign of the baby. The police was immediately alerted, the action was immediate. Soon at Mount Faito many people were gathered together, policemen, carabinieri, firefighters, Civil Defence volunteers, research was immediately started, in the evening the soldiers came, all night every corner of the Mount was scoured.

The parents remained in place for four days and four nights while, incessant the search continued with helicopters, dogs, a special radar that can detect moving objects in the night, cavers and rock climbers were examined. The baby was not find.

Immediately the police gave way to the investigation, they followed various tracks including pedophilia and kidnapping as had been noted on Faito, the hour of disappearance, a car with two foreigners on board. Many people were involved and investigated, other participants in the trip, acquaintances of family Celentano, but the police did not found anything suspicious.

In 2000 the collaboration of the FBI was asked, which played its research and signaled a suspect who lived in a cottage on Monte Faito. Following a search of the house it was found a sort of altar with various photographs of the child and newspaper clippings of the investigation related to the disappearance. Researches were made in and around the house, but any proof of guilt was not found, and therefore this person was exonerated of the charges.

In 2010, the family Celentano, who had opened a website to solicit anyone knew something Angela to contact them, it received an e-mail from a certain Celeste Ruiz lives in Mexico, according to her (labile) remember and that It was written on the site, she believed to be Angela Celentano. For two years there was an exchange of correspondence by e-mail between Celeste Ruiz and the sisters of Angela, who together with their parents, examining what was told in e-mails and on the basis of a picture that she sent, they were convinced that Celeste could be their Angela.

Celeste in her e-mail telling that he recognized in photographs his real family, and that she had been taken from his family present, because her  alleged mother, maid of the family Ruiz, one day left her in the house of his employer and she disappeared. The police was warned, the investigation proved that the maid had given a false name and was untraceable. The Ruiz family, people of heart, did not have the courage to leave her in an institution and adopted. Since then she was treated as a daughter, with affection and attention, and she was not going to let them.

In 2012, the Public Prosecutor of Castellammare, informed of what was happening by Celentano, commissioned the police to identify which computer had left messages, the computer was identified in Acapulco by the IP address. Under an international mandate and with the cooperation of the Mexican authorities, the investigators went to the address indicated where they did not find Celeste Ruiz, but a family with a boy and a girl aged smaller than that which would have Angela. Father Cristino Ruiz, Public Ministry of Mexican Justice with the mother imployed in the same ministry, denied that from their computer could be sent the emails, but from a subsequent survey of local investigators turned some deleted data from your computer.

The story of Celeste was partially confirmed by reporter investigations, unofficial and collected all the difficulties and limitations, which were able to ascertain that a few months after the disappearance of Angela, in a small Mexican town, was recorded, according to statements of a woman recently immigrated to the city, a 3 year old daughter of the same woman, which would correspond to the maid who left the child at home Ruiz.

Continuing the research, the reporters turned out that a family, parent with Ruiz had among its members a girl who could match the characteristics of Celeste Ruiz and that these parents often went home Ruiz staying even for long enough periods.

With the (limited) cooperation of the Mexican authorities, and after some time, the investigators went to the address of this family in the city of Cancun, on the Yucatan peninsula, but found the apartment empty. Mexican investigators did then know the Italian authorities that in that family, evidently traced by them, was not any person with the characteristics of Celeste Ruiz.

Later a son, born of a previous marriage of Mrs. Ruiz, told local investigators that, having learned the story of Angela Celentano, had concocted a joke pretending to be the little Angela, giving a false picture of the alleged Celeste Ruiz, touched according to the photo published on the website of family Celentano. He not explained, however, as it was aware of the disappearance of Angela and because of the joke. The photo sent by Celeste Ruiz to family Celentano, was examined in the laboratories of Italian police and not turned retouched.

Assuming that Celeste Ruiz and Angela Celentano are the same person, we should reread the investigations conducted by police at the time to find connections with the story of Celeste Ruiz.

In fact, from the investigations of the time, it turned out that a family who participated in the trip to Monte Faito had recently returned from Venezuela, where it had emigrated, for the serious threats received by local criminals, it seems threats of kidnapping, crime in South America it is very frequent.

So we have to assume that Venezuelan criminals (with reference to the car spotted on Mount Faito with two foreigners on board), wanting to kidnap a young son of this innocent and victim family, mistakenly kidnapped the little Angela.

Always following this hypothesis, the Venezuelan underworld, which has contacts with the Mexican one, and that is mainly interested to the drug, also exported to Italy through channels that pass for the Campania region, could have had support in the area, necessary to know the movements of the family in viewfinder, and for completing the criminal intention. Also it should have a safe place where the kidnappers could escape with the child after the kidnapping, and accomplices in order to pass unhindered through an airport, Naples or more likely Rome Fiumicino, where there were direct flights to Mexico and Venezuela.

The investigation to track Celeste Ruiz and submit her for examination to the DNA, or to clarify whether it was a joke, continued, because the Mexican authorities, in a meeting between ministers Foreign, gave new availability to the research.

The latest development of the story tells that a Mexican woman, who claims to be in the photo in which Angela Celentano was recognized. She spontaneously presented herself to the Italian judicial authorities. She confirmed to live in Paris and claims that her photo was stolen from her Facebook profile. She subjected to DNA test. She turned out not to be Angela Celentano. This fact caused the abandonment of the Mexican track following until then.